Wood-fired breads

A next-generation bakery is being shaped and developed in Woolsery

Crafting a new experience

Fire & Fern is currently in development. A 21st-century love story to the long tradition of British breadmaking in the UK, it’ll be constructed using traditional cob technique and centre on a huge wood-fired oven.

Wood-burning stove at Fire & Fern Bakery
Foraged mushrooms near Wulfheard Manor, Woolsery

Rustic and reimagined

The bakery team will craft a swathe of refashioned and traditionally rustic treats with British flavour profiles. Visit to pick up loaves plus British flatbreads dressed with foraged mushrooms and own-reared meats and veggies.

First-light loaves

Visitors will be able to swing by at first light for a coffee and pastry at the counter when they pick up their fresh loaf, while the bakery will also supply bread and pastries for Wulfheard Manor and The Farmers Arms.

Bread baking at Fire & Fern Bakery, Woolsery
J. Andrew Shop & Post Office
Ian Webber shares his sourdough-starter recipe