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Taking the nation's favourite supper to new heights

Reinvigorating a classic

Just because we like to eat fish and chips with our fingers while perched on a seawall watching big rollers barrel in doesn’t make it any less deserving of serious culinary attention. That’s why the team at Woolsery Fish & Chips take such pains to produce a top-notch, yet utterly unfussy, experience.

Swing by our village chippy to pick up ultra-fresh favourites such as crisp battered cod and haddock and, in summer, specials straight off the dayboats. Chips are no mere sidekick and are pre-blanched and double fried in fresh rapeseed oil for a fluffy-on-the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside thrill.

The best, Artisan Fish and chips at Woolsery Fish & Chips
Burgers at Woolsery Fish & Chips, Woolsery, nr Clovelly North Devon

Crafted in-house

The simplicity of the finished product is belied by the complex processes the Woolsery Fish & Chips team undergo to create these humble masterpieces. Burgers are crafted from Birch Farm’s own-reared animals and served on fresh milk buns, while ketchup, tartar and other sauces are all made in-house. Even the salt and vinegar are special blends created by our chefs.

A house favourite that shouldn’t be missed is the Woolsery chicken wings. Abandon any preconceptions you may have about chicken wings as these are devised using unusual seasonings including nigella seed and local honey to produce a sticky flavour-wallop. Another must-try is the legendary buttermilk fried chicken – people travel miles for it.

Rooted in sustainability

As with every element of The Collective at Woolsery, sustainability is taken extremely seriously. The food is packaged in natural recyclable materials and the process devised to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Artisan Fish & Chips Woolsery, nr Clovelly, North Devon

Everything at Woolsery Fish & Chips is freshly made to order by our team.

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